Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aerial Photography

I am offering my clients a service in aerial photography.  I can shoot still pictures with incredible detail in 12 mega pixels and 1080 High Definition video.  I recently purchased an updated Quadcopter - Phantom 3 Advanced, commonly known as a Drone. The range is 400 feet high with a distance of about 6,000 feet. 

There are many applications for private investigations such as aerial view of crime scenes, checking assets on property and more. I have already used the done in civil and criminal cases. Google Earth is not clear when you are zooming in.  You are getting incredible detail and great color.  It is considerable less expense to use my service rather than hiring a helicopter. My drone is registered with the FAA as required by law.  Call me for details and reasonable pricing at (520) 560-3547 or email at