Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frank Dryman Case

Partners in Motion Inc. in association with A&E Biography Channel produced a documentary on the Frank Dryman Case.  The biography is called the Kid with the Hollywood Haircut. Here is a brief summary of the case.  In 1951, after confessing to the brutal murder of Clarence Pellet in Shelby, Montana, Frank Dryman was sentenced to hang. Dryman's verdict attracts considerable attention and the public outcry results in Dryman's penalty being reduced to life behind bars.  After serving 18 years Dryman is paroled but disappears in 1971. Dryman was found in Arizona City by Private Investigator Patrick Cote after all those years.  He was using the name of Victor Houston.    Here is an interview of Frank Dryman by the media.  I think the updated story was very interesting. 

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  1. I just saw this story on TV and it is fascinating!